Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a week!

Decorating week has been quite the experience.  Every day -- 35 to 40 young people and adult volunteers -- painting, hanging, taping, designing, inventing.  Epiphany has of course never thrown away a single VBS decoration from previous years, and since we've had other water themes, we had lots of stuff to sort through and pick from.  OK, the Princess and Castle walls not so much, but the pirate and island tiki fit just fine with the present theme.  Well, once we eliminated the skull and crossbones motifs from the pirate ships anyway. 

The "Supply Savenger Hunt" was a great success, and volunteers stepped up to do the final shopping today. 

So I think it has come to pass that we are about ready for Monday morning.

Volunteers -- we'll see you at 830 AM sharp in Bryce Hall.

Students and parents -- we'll see you at 9 AM in Bryce Hall.

Everyone enters at the Family Life Gymnasium entrance on the west side of the church.

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  1. You all have done a wonderful job setting this up for our children! I hope that your week goes as well as all of the preparations have! I love the blog too!!