Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Debbie Greiner comment

Debbie Greiner, who is helping with the elementary group's Bible Voyage, sent this comment. . .


Every adventure needs a captain and we are so blessed to have Captain Bob to lead us, arghh! This High Seas Adventure has brought together the most amazing crew. Everywhere you look it is "all hands on deck". Teen crew leaders have jumped into the adventure and are guiding their crews in more ways than one. They are not just gettting them from room to room but leading discussions and leading the way with their enthusiastic, "Let's Go!" Group leaders have become the tour guides, monitoring the groups as they travel through the day. Every ship needs a galley and ours has a busy crew making sure that snacks are there for the hungry sailors. Every station has a First Mate and Ship Mates to help with the activty, whatever that may be.

Basically, everywhere you look, the High Seas are a storm of activity You hear prayer, see smiles, hear children, oops, I mean sailors talking about God, about Peter and Paul and more, singing songs of joy and praise, filling the High Seas with a wave of joy and blessings. All of these ship mates are working together learning how God's Word works in our lives!

Thanks to everyone that is involved in making this High Seas Adventure great, through their work and prayer!! It is a blessing to be involved with this part of our Faith Community!

Look out world because this voyage of God's Word is picking up speed and making waves!

Let's Go!
Ship Mate Debbie

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