Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Worker Comments. . .

Janelle Martinez: So far we have helped decorate the rooms. It was fun because we got to do it ourselves. It all came from our ideas instead of someone telling us how to do it. I am really excited for VBS to start and can not wait for the week ahead.

Oscar Martinez: decorating was awesome,  it was cool working with other people.

Derrick Nguyen: I've helped decorate some of the rooms and do a little bit of craft work. Meeting all of the volunteers that you're working with is an enlightening experience because it makes it a joyous time. Also, having the knowledge of making a difference also makes me happy. :)

Kevin Nguyen: My life has been changed, not for the worst, but for the best. I have helped to decorate Bryce Hall with beautiful decorations. Meeting the other volunteers while working has made this a much better experience. Especially working with Armando and Derrick.

Armando: Working this past week has been like a near death experience, but not.  I mean that in working this week has caused me to experience an epiphany (no pun intended), in that now I have been showed that working with others can be extremely fun as well as being beneficial to people who are in need of my devout service.  I have enjoyed all I have done this week, it has given me a great feeling of satsifaction and joy.

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