Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Epiphany Vacation Bible School -- a High Seas Adventure!

Welcome to the blog that will follow the development and presentation of the 2010 Epiphany Vacation Bible School -- a High Seas Adventure filled with faith and fun!  Swashbuckling, me maties, swashbuckling it is for kids, teenagers and adults!
This year the students will be divided into 5 person Crews, and the Crews will be put together into groups ot 25-30.  High Seas Adventure features seven stations, where the children will learn in different ways about God's word and its relevance to their life:
  • Bible Voyage
  • Sing and Play Splash
  • Ship Rec Games
  • Goodies from the Galley
  • Sail Away Cinema
  • Clipper Ship Crafts
  • The Floating Finale
Each day integrates a different principle about God's Word into all the activities of the day:

  • Day 1:  God's Word is true!
  • Day 2:  God's Word is comforting!
  • Day 3: God's Word is surprising!
  • Day 4: God's Word is life-changing!
  • Day 5: God's Word is for everyone!
Every day, kid's live what they've learned each day!  Through "God Sightings", the kids learn that they can see God everywhere, all around them, every day!

High Seas Adventure features different ways of learning, so each child can learn the way they learn the best.

All activities at the daily Stations are integrated with the theme for the day, so over and over the simple truths we are trying to convey are repeated in different ways.

Now is the time to register your kid for this faith and fun experience -- and if you are an adult or teenager, and can volunteer during the mornings of the week of June 14-18 -- you can sign up to be a volunteer!  Email Bob Waldrop, VBS director, at music@epiphanyokc.com  for more information on volunteering.

Yee-Haw High Seas Adventure!

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