Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 1 -- a quick over-view

On Day 1 -- the theme is -- God's Word is TRUE!  The Bible story is from  Acts 12: 1-19, God frees Peter from prison.  The Bible verse for the day is:
But you are near, O Lord, and all your commands are true. (Psalm 119:151)

Here the children get to know their Crew and Group leaders and the other students they are traveling with. They meet the servant girl Rhoda, and become part of the Bible story. They talk about what it was like for Peter when he saw an angel!

At Sing and Play Splash, the students learn the Day 1 Bible verse, and meet Scully, the Bible Memory Buddy for the day.  They get a sneak peak at the day's Bible story, meet Sailor Jack, and sing 3 songs.

Meanwhile, at Ship Rec Cames, the students learn KABLOOEY, visit Get-to-know-you Island, and answer the question -- Where do I go? 

All this fun will certainly build up an appetite.  Today we feast on Peter's Jail mix -- prepared by the pre-school children under the direction of the Adult and Teen helpers.  At High Seas Adventure, the students learn the importance of serving one another and doing work.

At Sail Away Cinema, they watch Episode 1 of the five part series, each of which ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger.  Today:  Are Chadder and the crew lost at sea?

Day One at Clipper Ship Crafts, features a project to make a Ship Clip Bible Buddy Keeper, where they can keep track of the various cards and saint medallions they receive during the week, and have a place to hang onto the Rosary they will receive.

And Finally, the Floating Finale!  See who stars in today's Spotlight VBS!  Experience how we know AIR exists, EVEN IF WE CAN'T SEE IT!  (Hmmm. . . what could this mean?) And we sing the favorite High Sea's songs we just learned today, about the mighty love of God.

What?  It's already 1230 PM?  Time to go home?  Never fear, Day TWO is another Day of Faith and Fun on our High Seas Adventures!  What will happen with Chadder?  What will the students do for children in Africa on Day 2?  Is there a way to comfort ourselves during a storm?  What exactly is a Chipwreck?  All this, and MORE, on Day Two of High Seas Adventure! 

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