Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here's what we need.

I've just finished going through the volunteers who have signed up. Here's a list of those assigned at this tgime -- .  We have the following vacancies/needs for volunteers:

 Decorators (during decorating week, June 13-17 and June 19 after the 1230 PM mass.

The shopkeepers each have a craft they do with the students, and also help reinforce the lessons for the day in their craft programs.  We have found volunters for the Bead, Wool, and Farmer shopkeepers, but we still need. . .

Carpentry Shopkeeper
Rock Quarry Shopkeeper
Dye Shop Shopkeeper

We need 7 adults (which include college age) to serve as Tribe Leaders to lead elementary age tribes, and 2 adults to lead pre-school/kindergarden tribes. You will be responsible for taking a group of about 12 students, organized into your tribe, through the activities of the day, and conducting their two daily meetings, at the beginning and the end. Everything is scripted for you. Tribe Leaders are also primary presenters of the Catholic Content of the program.

We need more kitchen help, plus we need people to bring bread dough each day for the kitchen helpers to cook as flatbreads. AND we need kitchen help during decorating week to set out the lunches for the students.

Here's what we need for teen volunteers.

Decorators:  We need more decorators.

Assistant Tribe Leaders: We need 2 assistant tribe leaders for the elementary age tribes, and 3 assistant tribe leaders for the preschool/kindergarden tribes.

Fun and Games Assistants:  We need 2 assistants for the elementary age fun and games, and 2 assistants for the preschool/kindergarden fun and games.

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